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Limit MySQL usage for a specific user

Feel the need to limit the usage of a specific user consuming too many resources without modifying global max_user_connections or max_updates etc? Luckily MySQL is smart enough to handle your needs 🙂 The following will limit max connections, updates and questions to 1 after which additional queries will...
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CentOS + cPanel + Mod Pagespeed

Tired of applications with poor or no caching options? Don’t wish to change your PHP Handler for OPCode? Need a boost? Give Mod_Pagespeed a try! Mod_Pagespeed was developed by Google and it acts as an internal proxy which combines your CSS/Javascript/Images then serves them inline and much more....
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Upgrading to MySQL 5.5 Percona (cPanel/WHM)

Looking to better track and limit MySQL usage by user, CPU time and other statistics along with a performance improvement? This guide will show you how to upgrade from MySQL 5.0.x to MySQL 5.5 Percona on a cPanel/WHM server with backups of the current configuration. The following script...
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