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privacy solutions

In this day and age, anonymity and privacy go hand in hand. Weather it’s to make sure your browsing is secure at a hotel/public WiFi, or to avoid network sniffing applications – a good solution is required.

With that being said, we suggest JonDonym religiously! Their advanced techniques and services, assure you that your data is transferred from your PC, through their servers, to your destination, in an encrypted manner, avoiding many MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks and leaks of personal information over public WiFi’s or other possibly compromised networks.

To get a better picture of how things work, have a look below:

With the use of the JonDonym software, you can rest assured that your data is being transferred to the correct place and avoid nosy neighbors, among other things.

And of course for all of us Android lovers, there’s ANONdroid!


Here at GuruTek, we are a major supporter of JonDonym, and also assist in providing the required servers to have constant privacy solution.

There is no comparison with web(site) proxies (Anonymouse, Proxify, Megaproxy, etc) and JonDonym software. As you can see by using the following IP-Check tool, there is one thing clear, they don’t work.

IP check


The JonDonym terms and conditions can be reviewed here.

To get started with a free trial, simply click here.