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NFS Server & Client Setup Ubuntu or CentOS

What easier way to share data across multiple operating systems than using NFS. In this article I will be going over setting up NFS servers on both CentOS and Ubuntu, then the remote mounts using options found to be optimal in most production environments. Now for some action…...
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mod_rpaf and mod_remoteip

As most of us continue to expand our web footprints, we tend to use load balancers and reverse caching proxies to better handle and spread server loads. When doing so however, we still want to see the originating client IP, and not the IP used by HAProxy, Nginx,...
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Limit MySQL usage for a specific user

Feel the need to limit the usage of a specific user consuming too many resources without modifying global max_user_connections or max_updates etc? Luckily MySQL is smart enough to handle your needs 🙂 The following will limit max connections, updates and questions to 1 after which additional queries will...
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